Friday, July 4, 2008

Here Comes Trouble - Noemie

Today's style is from Here Comes Trouble.

The Noemie style is a loosely held bun resting at to the left of the base of the neckline. There are loose pieces falling out of the style and down to the middle of the back. The hair in front is parted just right of center with the pieces falling down each side in front of the ears. HCT has also added "animal parts" that are textured with their hair textures.

The Noemie style costs $700L for a fat pack in the traditional textures and $299L for the fatpack in the 20 exclusive textures, $150L for a 4-color, 5-color 6-color, or 9-color pack in the traditional texture, $149L for a 4-color pack in the exclusive textures, and the demos are $1L. The traditional colors include: dirty(dirty, dirty-black, dirty-chestnut, dirty-chocolate, dirty-platinum), honey(honey, honey-black, honey-chestnut, honey-chocolate, honey-dirty), sandy(sandy, sandy-black, sandy-chestnut, sandy-chocolate, sandy-dirty), platinum(platinum, platinum-black, platinum-chestnut, platinum-chocolate, platinum-dirty), toffee(toffee, toffee-black, toffee-chocolate, toffee-dirty, toffee-platinum), auburn(auburn, auburn-black, auburn-chocolate, auburn-dirty, auburn-platinum), red(red, red-black, red-chocolate, red-dirty, red-platinum), deep red(deep red, deep red-black, deep red-chocolate, deep red-dirty, deep red-platinum), chocolate(chocolate, chocolate-black, chocolate-chestnut, chocolate-dirty, chocolate-platinum), brown(brown, brown-black, brown-chestnut, brown-dirty, brown-platinum), cappuccino(cappuccino, cappuccino-black, cappuccino-chestnut, cappuccino-dirty, cappuccino-platinum), chestnut(chestnut, chestnut-black, chestnut-chocolate, chestnut-dirty, chestnut-platinum), pitch black(pitch black, pitch black-chestnut, pitch black-chocolate, pitch black-dirty, pitch black-platinum), black(black, black-black, black-chocolate, black-dirty, black-platinum), raven(raven, raven-black, raven-chocolate, raven-dirty, rave-platinum), gray scale(black-gray, black-white, silver, silver-black, silver-white, sophisticated, white, white-black, white-silver), pink(pink, pink-black, pink-pink, pink-silver, pink-white), purple(purple, purple-black, purple-purple, purple-silver, purple-white), blue(blue, blue-black, blue-blue, blue-silver, blue-white), teal(teal, teal-black, teal-silver, teal-teal, teal-white), mix I(beached, cocoa, pinched, tootsie), mix II(cobbler, deep pink, pinkie, purplie, sherbert, strawberry), punk I(platinum-blue, platinum-green, platinum-orange, platinum-pink, platinum-purple, platinum-red, platinum-yellow), punk II(black-blue, black-green, black-orange, black-pink, black-purple, black-red, black-yellow). The exclusive colors include: e2tp 1 black, e2tp 1 pitchblack, e2tp 1 raven, e2tp 1 teal, e2tp 2 blue, e2tp 2 dirty, e2tp 2 honey, e2tp 2 sandy, e2tp 3 auburn, e2tp 3 deep red, e2tp 3 pink, e2tp 3 red, e2tp 4 brown, e2tp 4 cappacino, e2tp 4 chestnut, e2tp 4 chocolate, e2tp 5 chocolate, e2tp 5 dirty, e2tp 5 pitchblack, e2tp 5 platinum, e2tp 5 raven.

Pose: Persona - Hit Me, Skin: SYD - Vampiress Makeup Patriotic, Clothes: SYD - 4th of July Lolly Dress, Animal Parts: HCT - Chubby Ears Up - Red, Eyes: Gurl 6 - Silver by PopFuzz, Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

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