Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tousled - Knotted

Have you heard? Haedon Quine has a new hair shop. It's called Tousled, and today's hair, Knotted, is a cute example of it.

From the front, it's cute cute, with sweeping bangs that cross from the part on the left to just above the right eye. Face-framing tendrils fall on either side of the cheeks.


From behind, the hair is pulled cleanly back into a loose knot, with the ends of the hair falling free. Little tufts escape from the knot as well.


Pack of 3 (1 shade with 2 tipped shades) are 150L, Colour packs (Pink, Green Purple & Blue) Packs of 12 are 200L, Black with tips pack of 5 is 200L, White with tips pack of 5 is 200L, Blonde with burnt tips pack of 5 is 200L, Blonde with rainbow tips pack of 5 is 200L, Combo pack of 4 basics is 200L. Fatpack of 128 colours is 1800L.

Packs include: Amethyst, Amethyst_BlackTip, Amethyst_WhiteTip, Ash, Ash_BlackTip, Ash_White Tip, BabyBlue, BabyBlue_Black Tip, BabyBlue_WhiteTip, BabyPink, BabyPink_BlackTip, BabyPink_WhiteTip, Barbie, Barbie_BlackTip, Barbie_WhiteTip, Black, Black_BlondeTip, Black_WhiteTip, BlackTip_Blue, BlackTip_Green, BlackTip_Pink, BlackTip_Purple, BlackTip_Red, Blonde, Blonde_BlackTip, Blonde_WhiteTip, Blue, Blue_BlackTip, Blue_WhiteTip, Blueberry, Blueberry_BlackTip, Blueberry_WhiteTip, Brunette, Brunette_BlackTip, Brunette_BlondeTip, Burnt_Brunette, Burnt_DarkAsh, Burnt_DarkBlonde, Burnt_GoldenRed, Burnt_LightBrown, CandyApple, CandyApple_BlackTip, CandyApple_BlondeTip, Clover, Clover_BlackTip, Clover_WhiteTip, DarkAsh, DarkAsh_BlackTip, DarkAsh_BlondeTip, DarkBlonde, DarkBlonde_BlackTip, DarkBlonde_WhiteTip, DarkBrown, DarkBrown _BlackTip, DarkBrown _BlondeTip, DarkGray, DarkGray_BlackTip, DarkGray_WhiteTip, DarkGreen, DarkGreen_BlackTip, DarkGreen_WhiteTip, GoldenBlonde, GoldenBlonde_BlackTip, GoldenBlonde_WhiteTip, GoldenRed, GoldenRed_BlackTip, GoldenRed_BlondeTip, Grape, Grape_BlackTip, Grape_WhiteTip, Grass, Grass_BlackTip, Grass_WhiteTip, Gray, Gray_BlackTip, Gray_WhiteTip, Green, Green_BlackTip, Green_WhiteTip, LightBrown, LightBrown_BlackTip, LightBrown_BlondeTip, LightPink, LightPink_BlackTip, LightPink_WhiteTip, Lilac, Lilac_BlackTip, Lilac_WhiteTip, Mahogany, Mahogany_BlackTip, Mahogany_BlondeTip, MediumBlonde, MediumBlonde_BlackTip, MediumBlonde_WhiteTip, Midnight, Midnight_BlackTip, Midnight_WhiteTip, Onyx, Onyx_BlondeTip, Onyx_WhiteTip, OrangyRed, OrangyRed_BlackTip, OrangyRed_BlondeTip, Pink, Pink_BlackTip, Pink_WhiteTip, Purple, Purple_BlackTip, Purple_WhiteTip, RainbowBlonde_BlueTip, RainbowBlonde_CloverTip, RainbowBlonde_Mahogany, RainbowBlonde_PinkTip, RainbowBlonde_PurpleTip, Red, Red_BlackTip, Red_BlondeTip, Wheat, Wheat_BlackTip, Wheat_WhiteTip, White, White_BlackTip, White_DkGrayTip, WhiteTip_Blue, WhiteTip_Green, WhiteTip_Pink, WhiteTip_Purple, WhiteTip_Red

LW Laynie Basic 2, Gurl 6 Eyes - Hazel Eyes by PopFuzz, *Sin Skins* Vanity Lashes, Nitro - Peach Dress

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