Monday, June 30, 2008

(Male Monday)Booperfunk - Wormies_Braidz_DOOD_TC

I know it's silly, but I love when I get a new hair that's so special it needs its own avatar. BooPerFunk's Wormies_Braidz_DOOD_TC was one of those. So, now you get to meet a new Laynie, one with sexy guy hair!

This is one intensely sexy style. From the front, you can see the small braids falling on either side of the face, framing it nicely.


From behind, you can see how the back is made of tiny braids twisted and wrapped.

Wormies_Braidz_DOOD_TC has a demo to the far left of the display. The style is available for $1000. It's a texture-change style, so your color options are mIlK, bRuNO, fIrA, bLuE, nOiR, fUnKy.

Nomine Black 2.1 - stubble/beard, Sc Man Eric darkbrown, shposes- LAP

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