Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Here Comes Trouble - Keiko

Today's style is from Here Comes Trouble.

The Keiko style is a messy updo with the hair pulled high at the crown and spilling out in curls around the head. The neckline and hairline are both clean with the hair pulled back from the face with a little bit of volume. There are a few tendrils that fall in front of the ears to soften the style. I love, love, love these two tone exclusive textures so I highly recommended them.

The Keiko style costs $700L for a fat pack in the traditional textures and $299L for the fatpack in the 20 exclusive textures, $150L for a 4-color, 5-color 6-color, or 9-color pack in the traditional texture, $149L for a 4-color pack in the exclusive textures, and the demos are $1L. The traditional colors include: dirty(dirty, dirty-black, dirty-chestnut, dirty-chocolate, dirty-platinum), honey(honey, honey-black, honey-chestnut, honey-chocolate, honey-dirty), sandy(sandy, sandy-black, sandy-chestnut, sandy-chocolate, sandy-dirty), platinum(platinum, platinum-black, platinum-chestnut, platinum-chocolate, platinum-dirty), toffee(toffee, toffee-black, toffee-chocolate, toffee-dirty, toffee-platinum), auburn(auburn, auburn-black, auburn-chocolate, auburn-dirty, auburn-platinum), red(red, red-black, red-chocolate, red-dirty, red-platinum), deep red(deep red, deep red-black, deep red-chocolate, deep red-dirty, deep red-platinum), chocolate(chocolate, chocolate-black, chocolate-chestnut, chocolate-dirty, chocolate-platinum), brown(brown, brown-black, brown-chestnut, brown-dirty, brown-platinum), cappuccino(cappuccino, cappuccino-black, cappuccino-chestnut, cappuccino-dirty, cappuccino-platinum), chestnut(chestnut, chestnut-black, chestnut-chocolate, chestnut-dirty, chestnut-platinum), pitch black(pitch black, pitch black-chestnut, pitch black-chocolate, pitch black-dirty, pitch black-platinum), black(black, black-black, black-chocolate, black-dirty, black-platinum), raven(raven, raven-black, raven-chocolate, raven-dirty, rave-platinum), gray scale(black-gray, black-white, silver, silver-black, silver-white, sophisticated, white, white-black, white-silver), pink(pink, pink-black, pink-pink, pink-silver, pink-white), purple(purple, purple-black, purple-purple, purple-silver, purple-white), blue(blue, blue-black, blue-blue, blue-silver, blue-white), teal(teal, teal-black, teal-silver, teal-teal, teal-white), mix I(beached, cocoa, pinched, tootsie), mix II(cobbler, deep pink, pinkie, purplie, sherbert, strawberry), punk I(platinum-blue, platinum-green, platinum-orange, platinum-pink, platinum-purple, platinum-red, platinum-yellow), punk II(black-blue, black-green, black-orange, black-pink, black-purple, black-red, black-yellow). The exclusive colors include: e2tp 1 black, e2tp 1 pitchblack, e2tp 1 raven, e2tp 1 teal, e2tp 2 blue, e2tp 2 dirty, e2tp 2 honey, e2tp 2 sandy, e2tp 3 auburn, e2tp 3 deep red, e2tp 3 pink, e2tp 3 red, e2tp 4 brown, e2tp 4 cappacino, e2tp 4 chestnut, e2tp 4 chocolate, e2tp 5 chocolate, e2tp 5 dirty, e2tp 5 pitchblack, e2tp 5 platinum, e2tp 5 raven.

Pose: LAP - Alone Time, Skin: SYD - Cornsilk Makeup01, Clothes: SYD - Care Bear RFL V-Neck, Eyes: Gurl 6 - Silver by PopFuzz, Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

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