Monday, March 17, 2008

(Male Mondays) Bewitched - Milano

Today's style is from Bewitched.

The Milano style is a medium, straight style that ends at the base of the neck. The back of the head has straight stands with angular ends. The hair in front is parted right of center with the same angular ends on the choppy pieces that fall into the eyes and frame the face. There is some volume at the front of the style allowing the strands to fall in tiers.

Guest Model: Stanley Lisle

The Milano style costs $750L for a 50-color everything pack, $195L for a 4-color or 6-color pack, and the demos are $1L. The colors include: jewels(emerald, gem, raspberry, sapphire, teal), girlie(babypink, bubblegum, coral, lavender, vanilla), frosting(ash, cake, cocoa, platinum, vanilla), designer favs(bubblegum, charcoal, latte, mint, oceanmist), tropics(babypink, cinnamon, lavender, sunset, tropical), blooming(coral, lavender, platinum, sunset, tropical), anime(candy apple, light purple, melon, sea), hawt(mahogany, mesquite, natural red, strawberry), parfait(bell, candy, fuchia, straw), smackers(bell, candy apple, dark brown, strawberry), iced(faded, light blue, silver, sky), subdued(auburn, blonde, nugget, sunny), in your face(dark purple, dark blue, pink, green), bewitched favs(black, gold, medium blue, medium purple), naturals(natural red, brown, blonde, black), and customer favs(black, blonde, candy apple, gold, natural red, strawberry).

Pose: AnimaH - male pose 9, Skin: RaC - David02, Clothes: Artilleri - Classic Shirt Mid Panel Gree, Eyes: RaC - Sparkly Frost Eyes

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Josephine said...

Please I hope you might be able to help me. I'm seeking a particular hairstyle and I've not seen it available for sale. I've seen it in preview pictures for clothes stores I've been to in the past. It's a female hairstyle, two long low ponytails that go over the shoulders to the front, both are large single corkscrew curls, that kind of taper off at the bottom. It looks a bit like a "doll" style or a lolita style. Usually seems to have bangs, either straight or sideswept. If you have any information you think might be helpful to me I would appreciate it so much. Please comment here or send me a landmark if you can. Thank you so much in advance.

-Aisuru Rieko