Monday, January 7, 2008

(Male Mondays) Hair Solutions - Dani

Today's style is from Hair Solutions.

The Dani style is a short, straight style with a clean neckline. The hair on top is parted on the right but a second part if formed on the left in the front. The hair falls across the right eyes back to cover the ear while the hair on the left curves to brush on the cheekbone.

The Dani style costs $1500L for a 45-color pack, $200L for a 4-color packs, and the demos are $1L. The colors include: auburn, auburn black tip, auburn plat tip, baby blue, barely brown, butterscotch, cheesecake, chocolate, chocolate black tips, chocolate plat tips, cinnamon, cinnamon black tip, cinnamon plat tip, dark brown, dark brown black tip, dark brown plat tip, flame, fox red, frost, glossy blonde, glossy brown, golden blonde, highlight blonde, mud, onyx, onyx auburn tip, onyx blue tip, onyx choco tip, onyx pink tip, onyx plat tip, pale blonde, peach, pink, platinum, platinum auburn tip, platinum black tip, platinum blue tip, platinum choco tip, platinum pink tip, raven, slate, strawberry blonde, toffee, white rice.

Pose: AnimaH - Male Pose 11, Skin: MM Skins - Pale-b-shaved, Clothes: Dutch Touch - Grey Tank, Eyes: GuRL 6 - Silver Eyes by PopFuzz

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