Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1st Anniversary Blog

It is hard to believe that 1 year ago today Laynie and I had the discussion that lead to the very first Savoir Hair post. Time flies when you are blogging away every day. We have seen much in the last year from new designers to hair theft scandals to the introduction of sculptie hair. We gained a model, lost a model(rl reasons), gained a model, lost a model again(started her own blog). Throughout it all Laynie and I have tried hard balance our lindens and keep each other safe from impulsive hair purchases. The last part we have both failed miserably at. Here is a look at a style a month from Laynie and I as well as a look at one of our models and our first male hair ever reviewed here. Click on the thumbnail to see the full version.



Kate said...

Congratulations on Year #1!! I really like the focus of Savoir Hair - and I have had a rough time balancing my own lindens because of you ladies :)

It was great to see a snapshot of the year because it reminds me "Oh, hey, I bought that hair .. let me dig that out of my inventory!"

Keep up the fabulous work - looking forward to Year #2!

Laynie said...

Kate- you don't even want to know how many Lindens have gone in the pursuit of good hair and good shoes!