Saturday, December 29, 2007

Electro Kitty - Kimini

Today's style is from Electro Kitty.

The Kimini style is medium, choppy chunks wildly splayed in layers throughout the head. The face is framed with longer chunks with the ride side ended level with the shoulders and the left side touching the top of the chest. The hair is parted just right of center with some looser pieces falling in the eyes. This style is unisex so guys do not be afraid to try on the demo and check it out.

The Kimini style costs $100 per color and the demos are free. The colors include: darling black, devily red, impulsive blue, raphaela white.

Pose: AnimaH - Leaning Back, Neko Parts: Jungle Voodoo - Neko Cream Ears & Tail, Skin: Jungle Voodoo - Cream Leopard Neko Blood, Clothes: SYD - Holiday Red Neko Shorty, Cake - Bedroom Lashes, Eyes: PopFuzz - Cat Eyes - bright silver

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