Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jolie Femme - Destiny

Today's style is from Jolie Femme.

The Destiny style is a long, straight style that curls out at the ends by the small of the back. The ends curl nicely around the back, over the shoulders and to the front of the chest. The top of the hair is parted in the middles with a small, razor-edged bang falling just into the eyes. The texture of this hair is a must see so head over and check it out.

The Destiny style come with 3 sizes(small, medium, large) and costs $699L for a mega pack, $219L for a 6-color, 7-color or 8-color pack, and the demos are free. The colors included are: light blondes(beach blondes, golden beach blonde, light honey blonde, light honey blonde with golden bleach blonde, strawberry blonde, strawberry2 blonde, white beach blonde), dark blondes(dirty blonde, dirty blonde with beach blonde, golden blonde, golden2 blonde, honey blonde, light golden blonde, sandy blonde), light browns(canyon, copper, golden brown, light brown, light brown with sandy blonde, sandy brown, warm sand), brown blacks(black with blue, black with violet, chocolate, chocolate with light brown, dark copper, dark golden brown, ebony, nearly black), reds(dark cherry, dusk, dusk with red, fire red, light fire red, red), colorful(light blue, ocean, ocean with sea green, pink, purple, rose, sea green).

Skin: Another Shop - (Rd) Skin (Pinup), Clothes: SYD - Peck Your Neck Tank Top, Cashmere - Lowrise Skinny Jeans, Shoes: Shiny Things - Old Lace Up Boots Brown

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Aithne Nightfire said...

I absolutely love this hair style! Thank you so much ^_^