Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bewitched Hair Gift Nov 7, 2007

Ok, honestly? I'm speechless here. Sheltered Heart of Bewitched has just released her latest hair drop, and my goodness... you get 12 styles for L$1. How can you beat that! Even if the colors aren't your cup of tea, it's like getting 12 demos for 1 linden. The pictures will have to speak for me, because... honestly. No words here! (Click the thumbnail for a larger pic!)


Sirahal said...

They always do this with new releases for group members :) It's part of the reason I joined the group. Certainly I feel like I'm ripping them off somehow, but I find that in getting those, I usually find a few that I like and go out and get them anyway.

Laynie said...

I know... but this is the first hair gift since I started writing for the blog. And it was the middle of the night, and I figured why not take a pic of ALL the styles? :D