Saturday, August 25, 2007

Deviant Kitties - Steve

Today's style is from Deviant Kitties.

The Steve style is a short, straight style with razor-cut layers down the back of the head to just past the neckline. The top of the head has the same razor-cut layers but they are softly spiked up with the end slightly arching towards the back. The face is framed with razor-cut framing pieces that part in the middle and cross the temples to touch the jawline.

The Steve style costs L$2200 for a value pack, L$175 per color and the demos are free. The colors include: black, black blonde, black teal, black green, black red, black white, black pink, black purple, midnight, black blue, white black, white, white blue, white green, white red, white blonde, white pink, white purple, white teal, fire, blonde, blonde black, blonde green, blonde blue, blonde red, blonde teal, blonde pink, blonde purple, cherry brown, honey brown, purple taffy, purple, blue, green, gum, pink, brown blonde, deep brown, brown frost, brown, pink taffy, blue taffy, red black, red, teal, red blonde, orange, smoulder, blonde punk, black punk.

Skin: EM Natural Male/Facial '4', Clothes: SYD - Knight Rider Crew Neck

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