Thursday, August 16, 2007

Curio - Daisy

Today's style is from Curio.

The Daisy style are two even braids that fall down the side of the head to the waist. The hair is parted down the middle and each braid is tied just past the shoulder and the rest of the hair falls straight down. The forehead is edged with straight cut bangs with fringed ends. The natural fall of the braids is the right one in front of the shoulders and the left one behind the shoulders.

The Daisy style costs $275L for a 24-color fat pack, $85L for 3-color or 4-color packs, and the demos are $1L. The colors included are: black(black, blue black, brown black), brown(dark brown, brown, auburn), blonde(ash blonde, blonde, wheat blonde, white blonde), red(natural red, light red, copper, bright red), fairy(white, fairy purple, fairy pink, fairy blue), vamp(vamp red, vamp purple, vamp pink, vamp blue).

Skin: Gala - Pale Sultry Lustrebeam, Clothes: LaynieWear - Elise Blue, Jewelry: Alienbear - Diamond Pearl Design Set

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