Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rising Phoenix - Angelica

Today's style is from Rising Phoenix.

The Angelica style is a long, straight style that spills down to the small of the back with a few layers on the ends. The face is framed with long, layered bangs that fall into the eyes a bit to the cheekbones as well as some pieces falling in front of the ears to the jawline. The highlights in the texture of this style are nicely done giving it a sun-kissed look.

Guest Model: Cherlindrea Lamont

The Angelica style cost $1500L for the 44-color fat pack, $185L for a 4-color pack, and $1L for the demo. The colors include: P1(beachy keen, sand, strawberry, sunkissed), P2(blackened beachy keen, blackened sand, blackended strawberry, blackened sunkissed), P3(bewitched, charisma, divinity, enchant), P4(chocolate, gold rush, mocha, sienna), P5(auburn, bittersweet, cherrywood, flame), P6(blackened auburn, blackened bittersweet, blackened cherrywood, blackened flame), P7(black widow, blackened phantom, phantom, raven), P8(black magic, nightmare, vamp, voodoo), P9(black cherry, midnight, mystic, spellbound), P10(blackened grape, blackened bubblegum, grape, bubblegum), P11(blackened bruised, blackened true blue, bruised, true blue).

Skin: Sin Skin - Freckled Fresh Stratus, Clothes: Artilleri - Sixteen Dress

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