Sunday, July 22, 2007

House of Paisley - Mayhem

Today's style is from House of Paisley.

The Mayhem style is a medium length ponytail that sits just below the crown. The ponytail itself is a cascade of loose strands that spill down to the shoulders. The face is framed with long locks that fall in front of the ears and are held back by a double band just above the top top of the ear. There are fringe cut bangs that cross the brow and dust into the eyelids.

The Mayhem style comes in aquad-color packs for L$175 and the demo is L$1. The colors include: blonde ambition (blondie, platinum, platinum dipped, midnight dipped), blondie dipped (blondie dipped pink, blondie dipped purple, blondie dipped blue, blondie dipped red), midnight dipped (midnight dipped blue, midnight dipped red, midnight dipped pink, midnight dipped purple), Elvira (cherry, crimson, midnight, chestnut), brownie (almond, apricot, cinnamon, chocolate)flamingo (carnation, lilac, gumball, wisteria), storm (icy, arctic, foggy, cloudy), lifesaver(scorch, juicy, sunflower, clover).

Skin: Gala - Pale Sultry Lustrebeam, Clothes: Bewitched - American Beauty

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