Monday, June 25, 2007

Digit Darkes - Malibu

Digit Darkes now has a new hair line called Naturale by Digit Darkes. The shop is joined with Diversity and sells everything from causal clothing to formal period clothing to shoes and other accessories. The Marie Antoinette collection is not to be missed here being done with precise detail.

The Malibu style is a long, (wavy, curly or straight) style that falls down past the small of the back. The hair is pulled back from the front to a small bun that sits to the right on the back of the head. From the bun, these pieces of hair fan out softly to right and up giving the hair a plume effect. Long, angular bangs cross the faces from the right and cross the left ear. This style comes in your choice of straight, wavy, or curly based textures that all look touchable.

The Malibu style costs $300L per 3-color pack and the demos are free. The colors include: Chocolate(curly chocolate, straight chocolate, wavy chocolate), Platinum(curly platinum, straight platinum, wavy platinum), Merlot(curly merlot, straight merlot, wavy merlot), Sasy's Black(curly sasy's black, straight sasy's black, wavy sasy's black), Black Curly(curly charcoal black, curly smoke, curly dark charcoal black), Black Straight(straight charcoal black, straight smoke, straight dark charcoal black), Black Wavy(wavy charcoal black, wavy smoke, wavy dark charcoal black), Berry Curly(aleriberry curly, digitberry curly, stephyberry), Berry Straight(aleriberry straight, digitberry straight, stephyberry straight), Berry Wavy(aleriberry straight, digitberry straight, stephyberry straight), Auburn Curly(light auburn curly, medium auburn curly, dark auburn curly), Auburn Straight(light auburn straight, medium auburn straight, dark auburn straight), Auburn Wavy(light auburn wavy, medium auburn wavy, dark auburn wavy), True Red Curly(true love red curly, true passion red curly, true romance red curly), True Red Straight(true love red straight, true passion red straight, true romance red straight), True Red Wavy(true love red wavy, true passion red wavy, true romance red wavy), Vanilla Blonde Curly(vanilla butter curly, vanilla creme curly, vanilla wafer curly), Vanilla Blonde Straight(vanilla butter straight, vanilla creme straight, vanilla wafer straight), Vanilla Blonde Wavy(vanilla butter wavy, vanilla creme wavy, vanilla wafer wavy), Latte Blonde Curly(cream latte curly, mocha latte curly, soy latte curly), Latte Blonde Straight(cream latte straight, mocha latte straight, soy latte straight), Latte Blonde Wavy(cream latte wavy, mocha latte wavy, soy latte wavy), Golden Blonde Curly(light golden blonde curly, medium golden blonde curly, dark golden blonde curly), Golden Blonde Straight(light golden blonde straight, medium golden blonde straight, dark golden blonde straight), Golden Blonde Wavy(light golden blonde wavy, medium golden blonde wavy, dark golden blonde wavy), Ash Blonde Curly(light ash blonde curly, medium ash blonde curly, dark ash blonde curly), Ash Blonde Straight(light ash blonde straight, medium ash blonde straight, dark ash blonde straight), Ash Blonde Wavy(light ash blonde wavy, medium ash blonde wavy, dark ash blonde wavy), Caramel Brown Curly(light caramel brown curly, medium caramel brown curly, dark caramel brown curly), Caramel Brown Straight(light caramel brown straight, medium caramel brown straight, dark caramel brown straight), Caramel Brown Wavy(light caramel brown wavy, medium caramel brown wavy, dark caramel brown wavy), Ash Brown Curly(light ash brown curly, medium ash brown curly, dark ash brown curly), Ash Brown Straight(light ash brown straight, medium ash brown straight, dark ash brown straight), Ash Brown Wavy(light ash brown wavy, medium ash brown wavy, dark ash brown wavy), Cocoa Brown Curly(light cocoa brown curly, medium cocoa brown curly, dark cocoa brown curly),Cocoa Brown Straight(light cocoa brown straight, medium cocoa brown straight, dark cocoa brown straight),Cocoa Brown Wavy(light cocoa brown wavy, medium cocoa brown wavy, dark cocoa brown wavy), Golden Brown Curly(light golden brown curly, medium golden brown curly, dark golden brown curly), Golden Brown Straight(light golden brown straight, medium golden brown straight, dark golden brown straight), Golden Brown Wavy(light golden brown wavy, medium golden brown wavy, dark golden brown wavy), Limited Edition Group Only Colors(coral curly, denim curly, lilac curly, peaches curly, coral straight, denim straight, lilac straight, peaches straight, coral wavy, denim wavy, lilac wavy, peaches wavy).

Skin: Gala - Pale Sultry Lustrebeam, Clothes: PanJen Black Lace Dress, Jewelry: EC&M - Chakra RFL Set

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