Saturday, June 23, 2007

Biting that Hand that Hairs You

I have something to say about the generosity that both Sheltered Heart and FallinMy Webb(owners of Bewitched Hair) have shown to hair buyers. Every so often they announce a "Hair Drop" to their group and sometimes Savoir Hair group as well. A Hair Drop is when you show up at their shop and 5 free hairstyles are dropped onto you and then you party. Great deal. Even some men's stuff.

It seems that each time there some ungrateful person whining and moaning about the free hair in some fashion or another: not their color, not their style, etc. Today, there was a person whining to them that they have other things to do and demanded to know if this was really worth their time. I am sorry but if you have better things to do, then do them, but don't go bitching at the shop owners because they were letting you know that they were being generous. Attitudes like that to any of the designers will cause the end of generous free gifts and such that come our way.

Why are people so ungrateful?

FallinMy Webb did a nice breakdown:

1250 - 2000: Number of hair handed out at average hair drop.
$48.75L - Average cost of a single hair.
$85,312.5L - Average value of free hair sent out at each hair drop.
$341,250L - Average cost monthly for hair drops.
$658,125L - Average Value of New release Freebies sent to group each month.
$999,375L - Average cost of both hair drops and freebies each month.
US$3494.20 - Average cost monthly for free items we send out.
Worthless - Person who complains about this.
Priceless - Those who appreciate it.

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Jayde Lisle said...

WELL SAID, Teagan! I saw the Bewitched group notice in my inbox (not logged into SL) and wondered what happened, then I read your post. I am appalled that anyone would have the audacity to complain about the generosity of receiving completely free hair, no strings attached. So what if it's not your style? Delete it and move on with your life! I don't know of ANY other hair designers in SL who are as generous to their update group members as Sheltered and Fallin. Shame on whoever bitched, and BIG PROPS to those who have called them out on their behavior!

Bewitched rocks!