Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Influence Hair by Naughty - Nicole (sculptie)

Today's style is from Influence Hair by Naughty.

The Nicole style is a brand new sculptie style which is only 26 prims. This style is a long, wavy style with the hair separated at the middle of back on the head and the hair falls forward over the shoulders down to the chest. The hair in the front is parted on the right and the hair in blended beautifully into the the pieces from the back. This is a great first try on the sculptie hair with a gorgeous front design. I am not so crazy about the back of the head where is looks like it has not been brushed but I am sure with experience using the sculptie that styles like this can only get better.

The Nicole style comes in 3-color packs for L$350, full color packs for L$2000, and the demos are L$1. The colors included in the color packs are: cool tones light (sea mist, Sahara, sand dollar), cool tones medium (starfish, warm sand, wet sand), cool tones dark (harbor, cool bay, drift wood), golden tones light (beach, bamboo, topaz luster), golden tones medium (Tahitian sunrise, Moroccan, cocoa), golden tones dark (coconut, mocha, sable), black shine (raven sunset, deep sea, black pearl), silver tones(pearl, mirage, tropical storm), natural reds (amber sunrise, coral, spiced bronze), pure reds (mermaid, red sea, dusk), intense reds (hibiscus, twilight, Baccara), pink tones (lily, rose, salmon), aquatic tones (sea foam, tropics, ocean).

Skin: Gala - Pale Sultry Lusterbeam, Clothes: SYD - Monchhichi V-Neck

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