Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hair Fair Freebies

I know it is a bit rough but it is more than worth it to struggle through the lag at the Hair Fair. There are more high-quality freebies than you will know what to do with. To help with the lag, please remove any attachments before going. (This includes, AOs, poofers, bling, prim skirts, prim shoes, and if you can stand it, prim hair.) It really helps ease up on the lag quite a bit.

The following vendors have been spotted with freebies at the Hair Fair:
Adam N Eve - Hair(women) and Clothes(men & women)
/artilleri/ - Clothes(women)
Bryce - Hair (men & women)
Calla - Hair and Clothes (Calla)
[Curio]Empyrean Emporium - Hair(women)
Curl Up and Dye - Hair(women)
Diversity - Hair (women)
DKs - Hair (women) & Clothes (men & women)
ETD - Hair (women) & Clothes (men & women)
Grim Dolls - Living Doll Avatar (women)
Gurl 6 - Hair (men & women) & Clothes (women)
Hairapy - Hair (women)
Here Comes Trouble - Hair (men)
House of Paisley - Clothes & Accessories
Madame de Pompadour - hair (women)
Mau's & Mej's - Hair & Clothes (women)
Mystikal Hair - Hair (unisex)
Nuclear Boutique - Hair (men) & Clothes (women)
Panache - Hair, Skin & Clothes (women)
Parallax View - Hair (unisex), Clothes (women), & Stuffed Animal
Pixelated Dreams - Clothes (women)
Ravenwear - Clothes (unisex)
Sinsation - Hair (women)
Taunt - Hair (women)
Tickled Pink - Shoes & Jewelry (women)
Wig Out - Hair (men & women) & Clothes (women)
Wilted Rose - Hair (women)
Zero Style - A piece of bread


Ben Vanguard said...

This is a huge work ! SO precious ! Thank you so much ! :)
Ben V.

Delfina Vacano said...

Thanks so much for the list! I was on vacation from last Thursday to Wednesday with no access to SL, so this was a big help when I dropped in yesterday for a bit. :)

Although, I'm still not done looking! Some great new hair designers with fabulous hair that I MUST HAVE NOW are there! I can't wait til the Armida shop opens so I can see what else they'll have to offer! And, of course, there were some staple favorites with new styles that I love like ETD, Naughty and Hairapy.

My name is Delfina, and I am a hair addict. ;)

Anonymous said...

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