Thursday, March 1, 2007

Tickled Pink - Minx

Tickled Pink offers a newbie special hair at L$1. This shop offers clothing, glasses, shoes and more. Be sure to see the Kitty Cat Mary Janes. Hot Damn!

The Minx style is two unusual ponytails that stick out just a bit above the ears. The face is frame with long, wispy bangs. Each ponytail is alive. No, really. They are each made up of several chunks that individually have a life of their own and do not stop moving. Ever. I said in a earlier post that the newbie specials and discounted hair is what I look at to see if I want to buy the more expensive styles. This style would send me running in the other direction.

The Minx style is a newbie hair special(almost freebie) and costs L$1. The colors included are: apricot, auburn, autumn, black, black cherry, black berry, bold red, chestnut, electric blue, espresso, golden brown, grapefruit, lilac ice, mahogany, midnight blue, mystic white, pink, platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, violet.

Skin: NSkin by Opium - Free female skin (light) w/ daytime makeup, Clothes: SYD - Rainbow Blue V-Neck

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