Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sassy Designs - Undecided

Sassy Designs is a new shop for me. There are styles for both men and woman ranging in price from $150L to $250L a style per color. I prefer a shop where all the styles are a set price except for sales and newbie specials. There is no confusion this way. The hair is in vendors which can be confusing to a newer player as well. There is a lucky chair that gives out hair in one style, one color. Demos are only available for the new styles.

The Undecided style is aptly named. This straight, no curly, style fall smoothly, no roughly, just past the tops of the shoulders. The face is framed with overly messy bangs that fall just above the cheekbone. The oddest thing about this style is that is looks half-done and maybe that is why it is called undecided but please decide. This style is not visually pleasing at all. The ends both taper and stop suddenly. This gives the style a choppy, messy, what-the-hell type of look.

The Undecided style costs $200L and there is no visible demo for this style. The colors included are: platinum, brown, plum, mahogany, blonde, black, black with blonde tips.

Skin: PanJen - Lovergirl Tone 1, Clothes: LaynieWear: Teagan Violet Brocade Set

Note: It is not everyday that a girl gets an entire clothing line named after her. Thanks, Laynie.

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Laynie said...

Hey, it was your shirt that inspired the line! It's only fair...