Monday, March 12, 2007

Mischief Cove - Valedictorian

Mischief Cove is a cute shopping are on a pier. There is a small shop there called Paper Bag Princess with just a handful of apparel items. On the left wall inside the door are two very nice freebies. One is a hairstyle by Miko Omegamu.

The Valedictorian styleis a long, straight style that falls just past the shoulder blades. The hair is pulled back off the face and held in a small bun at the crown of the head. The bun is knotted and held in place by 2 standard, yellow pencils. There is a slight bang that frames the hairlines with a couple of chunks falling across the forehead. The textures are a bit on the flat side but given the price it can be overcome. This is the only style offered by this designer.

The Valedictorian style costs nothing because it is a true freebie. The colors included are: black, brown, red, and blonde.

Skin: Nevermore Studios - Hybrid II Spritely Face #1, Clothes: PanJen - Munky Brown Set

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