Tuesday, March 20, 2007

ETD - Bedded Attitude

Today's style is from Elika Tiramisu Designs.

The Bedded Attitude style is a long, straight style with just a bit of wave to it that falls down to the small of the back. The face is framed with long pieces that fall past the chin almost to the collarbone. The textures are quite beautiful with subtle highlights that give this style a nice sheen without looking greasy.

The Bedded Attitude style cost $10L for 24 colors with a tank top and there is no demo. The colors included are: ash brown, auburn, black, black red, blonde red, burgundy burnt, chestnut brown, chocolate frost, copper, dark blonde, dark chocolate, dirty blonde, dirty brunt, ginger brown, golden brunette, honey burnt, mahogany, pink dark pink, purple burnt, royal burnt, silver, silver burnt, strawberry blonde, teal burnt.

Skin: Nevermore Studios - Hybrid II Spritely Face #1, Clothes: Bone Flower - Japanese Sailor Fuku Outfit

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