Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sinsation - Trixi

Today's style is from Sinsation.

The Trixi style is two long, straight braids that fall down the front almost to the waist. There are wedge-angled bangs that go from right to left across the face. Although the style is beautiful looking, it all changes when you move. The braids are so rigid that they cut your body in half many times over. I find the colors of the texture a bit washed out looking as well.

Guest Model: Ysatis Dean

The Trixi style runs L$250 per color pack and the demo runs L$1. The colors include: blondes(sunshine, lyte, honeychild, dirty, creme, blonde), browns(cocoa, caramel, chocolate, almond), reds(strawberry, fireengine, chocolatecoveredcherry, cherryice, cherry, alarm),and blacks-n-whites(twilight, shinywhite, shinyblack, raven, midnight, ice).

Skin: PanJen - Temptation Tone 1, Clothes: SYD: Shape Your Destiny - Rainbow Bright V-Neck T-Shirt


Anonymous said...

All braids cut through the avi, so I find it a bit odd that it was a basis of your complaint. Find a long set of braids that dont stick out sideways and dont cut through your body somewhere. I dare ya!

Laynie said...

Well, since you dared (and anonymously, as well, that's no fun!), I could hardly pass up an opportunity to go shopping.

Now, it's a given that braids are hard to do. Prims don't move, so finding an arrangement with them that works is... tricky, at best. I decided to rate these on a simple action- walking.

Yours failed. Several others did, as well. However, I have quite the list of long braids that passed. (I also included banded styles, since they behave the same as braids).

lyssa - goldielocks
fairy tail - gurl 6
jawbreaker - gurl 6
poozoo - kin keiko
holly - pazazz
peach blossom - calla
Co-chin-ne-na-ko - adam n eve
Rapunzel - adam n eve
ferm - calla
lainey - madame du pompadour
rafaella - panache
lulu - celestial studios
elka tails - celestial studios
christy - calico creations

These all passed. Sorry, but your dare? Wasn't so hard.

Teagan Blackthorne said...

Laynie, you are the best. Don't you just love it when they post anonymously.

Nikkie said...

omg that is so mean why are you so nice to all the other hair designers and so mean to this one? her hair textures look the same as another designer i know that is up there on your list. also i have these braids and i think there nice. find LOW pigtails that fit your description because THERE ARE NONE that are long and low and infront of you. the end.

Sinnocent Mirabeau said...

beanHeyas, I really could care less about bad comments. Not all hair looks good on everyone. This is a given.

This hair was actually a custom that I did for a photo a customer of mine wanted, and I tossed it up for sale as she didnt care whether it was just hers or not.

If you like it you like it, if you dont you dont. I will say tho that I do provide demos for every hair that I ever set out, so it is not hard to figure out how the hair "acts" before you buy it. 'Nuff said.

As for my styles being "over the top", THANK YOU! I am proud to say that I dont release the same old stuff that's already out there. What is the fun in that? Over the top is just a state of mind, I have gotten many praises and compliments on my hair being very creative and artistic, not run of the mill. So, in that right, I shall take over the top as a compliment, even if it wasn't meant to be one.

All in all I think the article was amusing, for many reasons. But mostly, I think that to be a good writer all the facts should be written. I am sorry to the model that didnt like how the braids acted, I was never notified of this and I would've been happy to refund the money. Any of my regular customers will tell you, they keep coming back because I am so friendly to them. I do not want anyone to be unhappy, and I just dont appreciate that it feels like the other hair mentioned was chosen specifically to slam me. The hair is too big? You couldnt tell this from a demo? And it's my fault? I'm sorry I dont agree, that is why I provide them, or else why would I bother? I wouldn't.

Just figured I would comment myself as I've been hearing about this article so much all of a sudden lol!

I'm out!


Nikkie Merlin said...

yay sin :]
and i was just shopping and noticed taunt, and pazazz both places i was just in i tried on there pigtails and same thing they went straight through me. if you don't like that then STOP BUYING PIGTAILS. AND most places do have demos so before buying them and complaining TRY THE 1L DEMOS.

Laynie said...

Odd, I listed quite a few that didn't behave as this hair did, and that was ignored.

Did you miss that Sarabi Spatula's hair was compared to anal beads? There was a comment about how the hair moved. It's NOT A BIG DEAL. you're acting as if she said you cut babies up for fun.

For someone who doesn't care about a bad review, you sure are complaining loud and long.

Laynie said...

And may I just say that Sarabi Spatula responded well- laughing. It's not meant as a slam, it's just one reviewer's opinion, said somewhat amusingly.

Sarabi? You're cool, in my books.

Tenshi said...

lol... this is all classic material. Honestly. Anonymous is absolutely correct; every pair of braids I have ever purchased cut through my body. There simply isn't a way to make flexi braids unless you use an animation script on each prim; and that just makes for bad hair. God forbid you go to a place that disallows script use.

As for the braids you've found that *dont* cut through the body, it's entirely possible that those are shorter braided versions.

I don't see how giving one point of critique is suddenly being "so mean". However, I know Sin, and while Sin's designs are entirely unique and, as she said, sometimes over the top, they are EXTRAORDINARY in their own right.

Blah,blah, blah - I'm done :P HAve a good day ladies.

Teagan Blackthorne said...

Tenshi, Wilted Rose makes a flexi braid in 2 lengths called Obey that was just released last week and was reviewed yesterday.

Laynie said...


Actually, I was pretty finicky about the styles I checked, and many braids didn't. But the ones I did include were long braids, and I stuck to a fairly basic set of movements- stand and walking.

The cutting issue is why I won't wear long braids in SL. But there is a new flexi braid (the braid is done with textures) that is absolutely amazing. You can see it on the front page of Savoir Hair. It's delicious!