Sunday, January 7, 2007

Simply Britnee - Inocente with Bangs

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Simply Britnee is a new discovery for me. I found this shop New Year's Day when they were having a special with selected styles for only L$7. There is also some newbie styles for L$1. The hair in this shop is heavily textured but you get a great deal for your money. I like how the hair looks when I am not moving however once in motion the gravity seems to be a bit off.

The Inocente with Bangs is a long, layered style with cascading waves falling to the ass. The front has the hair pulled back slightly on top with long, chunky bangs framing the face. The waves for the hair are beautiful but as I mentioned before the re is something not quite right with the gravity. Okay, the texture is supposed to be dark brown. I find that with most shops, like this one, the dark browns are a bit too light to really be considered dark.

The Inocente with Bangs hair runs L$150 per full color pack, an amazing deal, and L$1 for the demo. The colors include: auburn, auburn with black tips, auburn with red tips, black, black with frosted tips, black with red tips, black with red & black tips, blonde, blonde with black tips, blonde with blue tips, blonde with brown tips, blonde with frosted tips, blonde with pink tips, blonde with red tips, blonde textured, blue, blue with black tips, brown, brown with black tips, brown with frosted tips, brown with red tips, brown textured, castano, dark brown textured, dirty black, honey blonde, pink, pink with black tips, pink with blue tips, pink with red tips, platinum, platinum with black frost, platinum with black frost & tips, platinum with black tips, platinum blonde with black tips, purple with black tips, red, red with black frost, red with black tips, red with blonde tips, red with blue tips, red with red tips.

Skin: PanJen - Hope Tone 1, Clothes: LaynieWear - Pink Sapphire Corset, Pink Sapphire Cheeky Pants, Pink Sapphire Stripey Socks, Shoes: Dazzle Haute Couture - Willful Licorice Strappy Mary Janes, Tattoos: LaynieWear - Henna Tattoo

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