Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Diversity - Starlet

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Diversity Hair has some amazing styles are first glance and to top it off they do a newbie voucher for those under 30 days old. You buy the demo, try it on, and everything is still going good. However, buyer beware!!! The hair from this shop comes with a notecard entitled: PLZ READ BEFORE EDITING HAIR which warns you that:

In order for your new hair to sit perfectly on your head, it may be necessary to edit your appearance slightly. This will NOT alter your appearance much, if at all.

This may be true for some but to change some of the options suggested would drastically alter the shape of my head. I had a friend try the changed settings as well and it made her face appear smooshed.

The special settings are:
Head Size 52
Head Stretch 49
Head Shape 49
Egg Head 62
Head Length 54
Forehead angle 40

When buying hair, I am not expecting to change my physical appearance to wear the product. There should not a notice in the demos that notifies the potential buyer of this change but as of this writing there is not.

The Starlet style surprised me because I was not expecting to like how any of the styles at Diversity looked on me giving the above information. I love Starlet. I have mentioned before that finding curly hair is hard on SL. This style has soft corkscrew curls that fall to the middle of the back. Long, chunky tendrils frame the face and the texture is not overdone.

The Starlet comes in a MegaPack for L$1000, color packs for L$175, and the demo is free. The color packs include: wilds (purple, green, blue tip), oranges (carrot, dark orange, reddish), reds (auburn, light red, bright red), dark blondes (ashy, butterscotch, highlights), blondes II (goldie, wheat, creamy orange), browns (brown, chocolate, chocolate frost), browns II (light brown, orange brown, butter tip), mix (dark black, bright red, copper).

Just keep in mind the appearance change problem when buying Diversity hair. If you are ready to fit the style yourself, be sure to check out the guide at Taunt.com.

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Laynie said...

I really like this style. It looks soft and glamorous...